Solid surface suggestions for 57" wide bathroom..

4 years ago

I bought three kerdi shower kits and planned on installing tile
showers / floors. But after my divorce, reading the "tile your world" book and reading about people with failures and regretting the cleaning of tile shower floors. I now
realize there are so many ways to install shower tile the wrong way
and I'm reluctant to try because I have no experience and even less time since I'm alone now. I found a great
local tile setter, but he didn't want to use epoxy grout and stopped communicating with me.

So I'm considering a solid surface shower (yes it looks like a hotel and they use S.S. for a good reason) as I like the fact stains can be sanded/polished out and there
are no grout lines to crack or stain. It sounds easier to install and more bullet proof than tile. I found Onyx makes a 54" wide shower pan which is close to my 57".

Does anyone have first hand experience or feed back / comparisons concerning solid
surface shower's like Swanstone, Corian, Kohler
Choreograph, Onyx solid surface and cultured marble or any others? I'm not wealthy but don't mind spending money for longevity.

I want a shower that will out last me, and plan on renting my home out after I retire in ten years.


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