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help me find a good quality modern style recliner sofa

6 years ago

Hello Furniture Experts!

I am on what appears to be a quixotic quest to find a modern or mid-century-modern style recliner sofa that has clean lines, is good quality, and not overly large (My wife is 5'4" with shorter legs and many American sofas are not comfortable for her). Top grain leather is preferable, but we would be open to cloth. Something in the realm of 70-85" wide, 30-35" tall, and 35-40" deep would probably be ideal.

We've found a couple that seemed promising from Natuzzi until we read all of the problems people have had with them in recent years. Everything from the leather peeling, to the frames breaking, to the cushions sagging. We got to sit in a couple of them at an international furniture store including the B725:

It was really nice, but after reading all of the horror stories online, it made us nervous that one of the display units was already having mechanical problems with the recliner, and that was one of the Italian-made ones!

We also like the look of the Henry recliner sofa from west elm:

We got to try the chair version of it in the store and it was pretty comfortable. I've read some comments that West Elm's furniture is pretty much Ikea quality with plywood frames and cushions that sag within a couple of years. It seems like we should be able to do better!

I've searched many of the traditional higher end furniture companies (BradingtonYoung, Hancock & Moore, etc). Assuming they even offer reclining sofas, they tend to be a much different style than we are after. The only other two options I've come up with are Palliser and Jaymar. The Palliser options we've seen so far locally have been pretty bulky. Potentially there may be some higher end Italian companies but I don't know anything about which ones are any good or even where I'd go to try them out. There are a couple of places I can check out more Palliser options locally but I think Jaymar will be pretty tough to track down.

Are there any other companies I should be looking at? Is custom a better option at this point, or should we just roll the dice on a Natuzzi or West Elm sofa?


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