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Question about oak trees in pots over the winter

7 years ago

Hi. I have 5 or 6 small oak trees, each in a pot. (Red oaks from what I can tell) This is their first year. They grew from acorns of other 80 - 120 year old oak trees on my property. I found them growing in the spring and removed them from the ground and put them into pots because they were not growing where I wanted them to. Here it is, November almost I am still not sure where I want to put them. Each tree is in a small 8" diameter by 9 or 10" deep plastic pot with drainage holes at the bottom.. They have done well this year sitting outside on my patio. Each is about 9" tall with maybe 4 or 6 leaves on each one and the leaves are just starting to turn brown.

My question is, what should I do with them so I can have them keep growing next spring. Maybe by then I will know where I want them. I am guessing that if I leave them outside in the pots they will freeze. I am near by the IL/WI Border. What should I do over the winter so they do not freeze and die.

I was thinking of either digging 10" holes in the ground and burying the pots in my yard. That way they would be like being in the ground (Similar to as if I did not put them into pots and just left them where they were).

I had also thought about putting them in my garage but, my garage is attached to the home, it is insulated and heated. Even if I turn the heat off in the garage, it never really gets to be freezing in there. It may get to 38 or 40, but things in the garage never really freeze. If they are kept in the dark garage, will they come out of dormancy too early because of the warmth?

Thank You

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