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When and how to repot 3 months old Calamondins.

Jalaine Nellas
7 years ago

Hi everyone! I planted a few calamondin seeds 3 months ago. I potted em in 4-inch pots and a couple of them I noticed the roots are starts to come out just a couple centimeters through the pot hole (the roots grow straight and not spreading sideways as yet). Is it time to repot it or is it too early? How big of a pot should i get if i do need to repot? I was thinking of getting plastic pots so it's easier to move the plants... any suggestion which would be better for calamondins?

I keep my calamondins indoors (on my window for sunlight) but i put them outside when the weather isn't chilly.

Do I change the soil when i repot? I have been using Miracle-gro Potting Mix since day 1. Can I use the same kind and for how long can I use this kind of mix?

i have no experience with planting or any knowledge about taking care of citrus plants. So, any basic tips and advice would be appreciated.


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