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Burned waterloxed counter

7 years ago

Hey kitchen friends, it's been a while. I've been busy enjoying my brand new kitchen!

Unfortunately, I have a sad situation to report. Last night, while babysitting, one of my nieces placed a large, hot pot on a cork coaster on the counter, but it tipped off the coaster and burned my counter. The waterlox coating burned and bubbled and, well, see for yourselves:

In my niece's defense, she's only ever had granite counters at home and she did try to put something underneath and she felt very bad.

Needless to say, I am pretty bummed. My SIL (her mom) said she would come and fix it, but she's never really worked with waterlox. This is our first go around with it as well and I'm wondering if anyone here has any tips since the website only talks about nicks and scratches and re-coating.

Does the whole section of counter need to be taken all the way back down and then recoated several times like we did originally with 24 hours in between each coat? Or can we get away with sanding just until the spot is gone and recoating from there?

One of the reasons we went with butcher block originally was because it could be repaired in cases such as this, but I really wasn't thinking it would happen so soon :(

Aside from this, the counters have held up really well so far, even around the sink, and I don't baby them, plus we have four kids so they have to hold up to a lot of abuse. I would recommend to anyone... as long as they keep hot pots on the stove!

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