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Need help with RENTAL curb appeal. Shrubs need to go?

Tori Thibodeaux
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We've just lucked into this GREAT property in a fantastic neighborhood, but all of the neighbors HATE our house. One actually offered the landlord 5 times what it's worth just so they could buy it and tear it down. The elderly landlord was raised in this house, and most of the original neighboring homes have since been torn down and replaced with mansions.

We've got the go ahead to do quite a bit of work on the front, but we aren't able to make MAJOR, permanent changes due to budget being quite low. We just want the neighbors to hate us less, and we want to do something nice for the landlord since our rent doesn't even cover their land taxes. We can probably get rid of/replace existing plants, but we'd need to add more as landLADY is a huge environmentalist.

Special pluses would be: Texas weather-friendly, ideas incorporating containers of some sort, inexpensive, make the house look bigger and less like a shed to the mansion next door, some love for the honeybees,a project that can be done in stages, as funding comes available.

We are super newbies and this will be our first attempt at creating a front yard. THANK YOU for any input!!!

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