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Slate mosaic on shower floor?

6 years ago

I have my heart set on a slate mosaic for my shower floor. Merola Tile, Crag Spiral Multi Sunset Slate
Mosaic Tile.

According to the specs, it’s appropriate as a shower floor, but
as slate, is it practical? The specs

  • Grade 1, first-quality stone tile
  • P.E.I. Rating IV
  • Water absorption of less than 0.5%

I’m very worried about maintenance and cleaning. When I asked Merola about cleaning, they
said, “We always recommend cleaning these products without using any harsh
chemicals, including bathroom cleaners. A safe option is a mild detergent and
warm water or a natural stone cleaner.”
Is that enough for cleaning off the gunk that sometimes shows up in a

There is no mention of sealing in the specs. Would this type of slate floor usually need
to be sealed?

Thanks so much for any input.

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