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Please help me figure this out - opening to dining

5 years ago

This is the most recent floorplan I have on my computer. The space I am looking at is the wall shared by kitchen and living and the opening from dining to living.

The wall of cabinets (fridge wall) totals 13' of cabinet, so right up to the edge of the opening to living room. I want to have some space there for light switches. I am debating on making a cabinet smaller and/or extending the length of that wall - thus making the dining opening smaller. wwyd?

The current set up of that wall of cabinets is: lazy susan in corner, 15" 3 drawer cabinet, 27" 4 drawer cabinet, 66" space for all fridge and all freezer, then a 12" broom closet facing the dining area. My plan for the 27" drawer set is things like measuring spoons, cups, spatulas, zip locks, alum foil, parchment paper, cling wrap type stuff. I'm not sure about the 15' drawer set. I didn't have that in my original plan and had to switch it out. Maybe blender accessories, small food processor??

I don't think I want to make the 15" drawer cabinet smaller. So I was considering making the 27" into a 24". Then I would still need to extend the wall another 6" or so right? The current opening from dining to living is 11' wide. Our current table is 4' wide by 10' long. I figure the table will be about 2-3' away from the dining wall. So that would leave about 4' of walkway with the 11' opening as is.


1. leave cabinets as is and extend the wall by 9" making the dining opening 10'3" which gives us a little over 3' walkway between table and wall edge and almost 4' to kitchen cabinets..

2. Make 27" cabinet into 24" cabinet, extend wall by 6" making dining opening 10'6" which gives us about 3.5' walkway between table and wall edge and just over 4' between table and cabinets.

3. something I haven't thought of

Check my math. I could be wrong on those measurements. fwiw the island and the opposite (large sink) wall of cabinets are currently 3" shorter than the fridge wall, so they are not as close to the table.

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