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Do I need to pay for my contractor's mistake?

6 years ago

My bathroom remodel failed the insulation inspection because my contractor forgot to add a vapor barrier to the pink fiberglass insulation. Apparently my town requires it. So the inspector told him to remove the tub, which was cemented down, and add the vapor barrier from floor to ceiling. But my contractor was reluctant to remove the tub since it meant more work. E.g. removing the cemented tub and getting the plumber back to remove the drain, and putting it all back together again just to add a vapor barrier. My contractor was able to convince the inspector that he can just remove the pink insulation and use closed cell spray foam to get behind the tub and up to the ceiling. The problem is that my contractor now wants me to pay for the spray foam. I just wanted to get people's thoughts on my best course of action. Thanks!

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