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Moving hostas in late October

I have not “gotten around” to moving 3 supposed Halcyon that were planted in spring 2015. They are part of a circle of alternating June and Halcyon that I laid out and planted last year in late May around a Japanese Maple. All looked like Halcyon in the original gallon pots. By fall of 2015 I got suspicious about half of them. I waited most of this season to see if they would develop the proper leaf shape. It was not til they started to take off this year that I felt confirmed. After a year + in the ground, 3 are clearly Halcyon to me, having achieved leaf size and shape identical to the Junes. The other 3 are unknown blues (I think 2 different ones), with much smaller leaves. Pretty, but not Halcyon.

Meanwhile….At a different, local nursery last October, I bought 6 quart “Halcyon”, at a clearance price of about $1.50 a piece. I planted them in a good holding area to see what developed with the first ones (this is a new, large bed, where I could use some nice blues whatever they turn out to be). Both the nurseries involved used tags that could easily be switched.

After watching these this year, I think 2 ARE Halcyon, and 4 are… again….some other mystery blue. At least 2 look like Blue Cadet. Others Cadet-like in leaf size and color, just not exactly the same leaf shape or totally even mound like I see in my known Cadets.

How long does it take in general for a hosta to show its mature leaf shape? I am still not sure about these quarts…but they are smaller plants to begin with compared to the gallons bought at the first nursery.

So…unlike the bargain potted hostas I am buying for cheap at THIS year’s clearance sale, the ones I want to move now and trade positions with each other have been in the ground for a year to a year and a half.

Should I just wait to make the switch til next spring? I can mark which ones, and hope my markers are still there by spring. But in spring I always seem to have way too many tasks, and in fall I have time. If waiting longer means they are more likely to have their mature leaf shape, and I call more assuredly tell them apart, I will wait.


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