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MNF: November is More Fun Than You Think Swap

6 years ago

Let’s see if we can keep this series going until Dan is
ready to jump back in. My preference is
always for seeds/plants swaps, and this one is too, in a roundabout way. Most of what we eat is plant based either
directly or by extension. (exceptions
are fungi and bacteria, a few minerals)

November is the month when I start seriously cooking again.
Cool weather and warm food make good partners. It’s also when people get busy with holidays
(and seed swaps, lol) so let’s make this swap a simple one. Choose one favorite from these food centric
days that occur in November and post your choice here. Multiple people can choose the same day. Once everyone chooses their favorite I will randomly
assign a sender to every recipient. You
will be responsible for sharing your address with your sender. The challenge for the sender is to share a
recipe that relates to the special “food day” their person has chosen, plus one
item that pertains to the recipe, directly or indirectly. If you already have your own favorite recipe,
send it, but if not you can ask friends for one or look one up. If there is an
interesting history or detail that you know about your recipe, please share. You could include a
pack of seeds to grow an ingredient, or a small plant or cuttings for an
ingredient, depending on weather, but that is not the only option. Instead you could send a spice or
other easily mailed ingredient, sprinkles, or something that could be used in
the cooking or displaying of the dish. For example, a big spoon for a pot of
chicken soup, or a cutter to make special sandwich shapes, or a pot holder to
take your dish out of the oven, etc.
Keep it simple, fun and inexpensive.
First class mail is fine, but you must get Delivery Confirmation.

To go forward I think we need a minimum of 5 players,
including myself, signed up and food days chosen by November 2 . I’ll send
assignments out asap. We should have all
of our items in the mail by mid-month so that they arrive at their destinations
before the biggest food day of them all, Thanksgiving.

Fun Food Dates in November

November 2, National Deviled Egg Day

November 3, Sandwich Day

November 7, Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

November 8, Cook Something bold day.

November 12, Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

November 13, National Indian Pudding Day

November 17, Homemade Bread Day

November 23, Eat a Cranberry Day

November 23, National Cashew Day

November 25, National Parfait Day

November 28, French Toast Day

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