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I removed a large paper wasp comb from a decorative hanging, scattering the hundred or so wasps that were attached to it. Did this carefully with a hose and water spray. No stings, but a lot of mad wasps. I figured they would disperse and leave but, nope, they have returned in an eave near where the hanging was. More than a hundred of them. That eave is about two yards from the front door. Ouch. Now, I am very reluctant to just spray them with insecticide and kill them. They're great garden insects! Shooing them away with water spray doesn't work, it seems. They don't fly around. They just sit there. My understanding is that paper wasps are not aggressive, and that sure seems to be the case. I know they'll be gone in a month or two, and I'm willing to be careful about not letting any inside. BUT Halloween approacheth, and I'm kinda torn. I think what I may do is just put up a paper shield so kids can't see the wasps and get freaked, and hope that the wasps don't decide to be suddenly nasty. Other ideas?

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