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I need help with my lawn. PLEASE HELP!

Kwazi Hlela
5 years ago

Hi all.
I'm new to all this so please bear with me. My wife and I moved recently into the West Philadelphia suburb of Drexel Hill. I love garden work but I have a problem with my lawn among the different garden needs I have.
My lawn is not in good shape and heading into winter, I would like to say that once spring comes around, I will have it looking good, but I can't.
One side of my front lawn is thick and lush with a small section that's a little patchy. On the other side of the walkway it's weedy, and patchy with roots from the Sycamore thats been there forever, bumping through at some parts.
My back yard/lawn is the worst though. It's weeds everywhere, from vines to crab grass, wild strawberries, you name it. I've tried Scott's weed and feed on the back yard but dont really see much of a difference, I still hope that there will be a change.
Should i aerate the whole yard and seed in the spring, get a ton of top soil and spread it to level out and then seed in the spring. I would post pictures but like I said, I'm new to all this.
Please help.

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