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UV oil finish hardwood floors: cleaning and maintenance?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

If you have UV oil finish floors (Castle Combe, Provenza, Royal Oak, DuChateau), how do you care for them? My manufacturer (Royal Oak) like others has their own "special" cleaner (and I think even a rejuvenator used less often) but I'm skeptical those are the absolute best products out there or that I really need to pony up for their specific product. Two mainstream products seem to be those from Bona and/or Woca.

I'd like to hear what you are doing to maintain your floors. The advice I have is keep them vacuumed weekly or more, clean w/ a microfiber mop w/ oil cleaner a couple times / month (more or less depending on taste and climate). The vacuuming should be passive (keep the agitator turned off or even better just use a hard floor nozzle at the ned of the wand and avoid rollers).

Note: there is already a good discussion about the considerations for choosing / not choosing UV oiled floors here:

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