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Snail pace to finish ..... Murphy's law rules on Blue Star

7 years ago

Aside from my slab being sold twice, me with concussion and my dad in the hospital, my brother ended up in the hospital yesterday from stress in helping me out with my mom for 2 weeks by sleeping over.

We were trying to install the BS rangetop and double oven yesterday. Nope it didn't happen.

We were just a smidgeon too tight so they have to shave down the side another day.

After 4 hours, this is all they were able to install.

For those of you who plan on a Blue Star double oven, expect complications. The pigtail is really short and it's required to be hard wired.

See that little box in the wall? The installer is expected to fit the oven hanging out by 3 feet while somehow squeezing in a 1/8 inch spot and connect up the oven. He can't turn into a blob.

We're taking a few days off from the install while they figure out how in the world they can connect up the second oven.

No matter what, my mom's Hoyer lift will have to be used to help stabilize the oven while the installer stands on a ladder to try and connect.

Thank god I choose to use specialists in appliance installation instead of a GC.

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