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Please Help with IKEA Sektion Cover Panels

6 years ago

For wall cabinets, at the end of a run - how should the cover panel and trim be installed?

1) To the end of the box with the door sitting in front of the panel? Or, should the panel come out and cover the side of the door? I was thinking the door sits in front of the panel but the guys installing them though it came more forward . But looking at the trim piece (using it on the flat, squared side), it doesn't look like enough finished underside for that to be right:

This doesn't look like what I remembered from a past IKEA kitchen (but I was not as involved in the details):

Here is another view in comparison with how a 1" filler piece sits flush with the cabinet. These can't both be right. Does the filler come forward or does the cover panel move back?:

3) Should it go back all the way to the wall to cover the gap from the suspension rail?

4) Placed enough above/below the frame to match up with the trim? (I think we are in agreement that that's a "yes" b/c otherwise the corner would be unfinished cut trim.)

Thank you!! Pics of correct installation would be greatly appreciated.

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