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Tide Original vs Free and Clear?

Hi! First post over here...

The question: Looking for opinions on whether Tide Original has more cleaning power than the un scented/no dye version.

Details: We cloth diaper- 100% cotton diapers, single layer and microfiber and PUL covers. It's the covers that get an ammonia stink if they aren't getting clean enough in the wash. We had some stinkiness so I upped the amount of detergent in each load and it's been taken care of.

We use powder- I read it was better? And I bought a big box of the Tide Original because that's what readily available at my grocery store- I have to hunt down the un scented powder and I can't find the big boxes of it. So while I personally prefer as few scents as possible in our home, the original is really inoffensive and if it cleans better I'll just stick with it.

Each load of diapers gets a rinse and spin, and two washes on hot with a full cup of detergent. No fabric softener or dryer sheets- it can affect the absorption. I also line dry/ sun them every so often to diminish staining and I'm not opposed to bleaching them when necessary but try to avoid it as it can mess with the PUL.

Thoughts? Any un scented powders that are amazing? Thank you!

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