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Help please with selecting Iceberg Blue Marble/Quartzite

6 years ago

I pretty much had decided upon Shadow Storm for our new kitchen counters. However, I happened upon a slab that also caught my eye, which is named Iceberg. I was told it is a quartzite. I did not do the glass test or anything like that so I'm strictly taking their word for it, for now. I originally wanted a classic whitish marble and settled on Shadow Storm because it's known to be one of the more durable marbles. I know some even label it as a quartzite. I have a sample of the Shadow Storm and I did the lemon test and I noticed only certain portions etched and I'm fine with the properties of the Shadow Storm.

I am writing to ask if anyone is familiar with Iceberg Blue. I have read most of Karin's posts pertaining to the geology of stones but I haven't been able to find any detailed information regarding this particular stone. If it is in fact a quartzite---that would be perfect! But if it has the traditional properties of a marble, that will be fine as well.

I have searched houzz and pinterest and google but I haven't come across many "blue" kitchen countertops. I know it's probably not a choice many would select. LoL But I really like it. Some of the Shadow Storm slabs in our local yards have blue veining and I love it. I just would love a little more blue in my stone.

This is a photo of the Iceberg taken with the flash. It doesn't show in this picture but the slab's colors are actually brighter than they appear here.

I know it's impossible to tell from a photo but do you think it may be quartzite? I haven't seen in person a quartzite with geometrical quartz-like shapes such as this one. I've only seen smooth quartzites such as Taj Mahal, White Macaubus, Sea Pearl, and a few others. This Iceberg is translucent. I guess most marbles are, right? Is translucency a trait of quartzites? I thought it'd be tres cool to backlight it!

I know I'm being wordy/pushy but I also would love a polished porcelain floor tile in a 12x24. Has anyone come across a tile that has a hint of blue that may go with this slab? I stopped by Floor and Decor and they have some marble tiles that I think may go with this. Do you think the Sahara Carrara Marble floor tile  would be too busy for the Iceberg?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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