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Marble can, and did, oxidize! Big, ugly, yellow/brown stain-like

6 years ago

coming from inside the marble. About 20 years ago, I remodeled our powder room and installed carrara marble floor tiles with a black granite border. Over the years, the marble on the floor got worn and etched, but it was ok. I didn't mind at all.

But about a year ago, large goldish, brown, stains appeared, near and not too far from the toilet. There have been no water issues, at least that we know about. The room functions as it always has. Five years ago, I chose Vermont Danby marble for the countertops in our kitchen remodel. They are etched and have a couple white divots but no staining. We have been empty nesters for the last 7 years. One daughter. I was prepared for etching but not this oxidizing.

It is really ugly. It is not pee nor poop but that comes to mind. It is an internal thing. Iron in the marble rusts. Inside. I have recently researched it. So now I have to do that powder room again. Had I known, I would never have done marble counter tops. A public service announcement.

I do not have photos as I do not know how to post them but you can google for images. I do not hang out in Kitchens much any more.

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