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Help choosing what citrus stems to plant. Which ones are parent plants

John Rallo
7 years ago

I am new to growing plants and more specifically I am new to growing citrus. I have about 20 blood orange seeds and 20 lemon seeds that I had germinated and planted. They are all sprouting, most are 1-3 inches tall with some small leaves. I have heard that sometimes when you grow citrus it isn't true to the parent plant, I just don't know which ones I should plant in a pot because I don't want to plant what I think is a blood orange plant but end up with some weird non fruiting plant in like a year or two. I have heard some things about polyembryonic plants? Idk. Can someone explain to me what to do? I have like 40 blood orange/lemon stems and I don't know what to do or which are the best ones to plant since I can't keep all of them. Thanks

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