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Close to finalizing home plans, would ❤️ any feedback/suggestions!

Jill Burke
7 years ago

Hello -

1st time poster, long time Houzz lurker :)

I am constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge and insight you all have.... I can't imagine how many peoples homes have been improved by listening to your suggestions/advice!

I realized after viewing a few others plans, ours are not as detailed.. but hopefully you can get the basic layout and let me know if anything you think should be tweaked or changed... I won't take offense, promise!

Few things that we are already changing but architect hasn't fixed it on the floor plans yet:

-kitchen pantry door will open into the kitchen (prob using some sort of pocket door), not into the mudroom as shown here.

-upstairs in kids bedrooms.... the jack n Jill bath will be shared by our 13 & 9 yr old boys. We will be making that a dbl sink, not one. And the tub/shower combo there currently will only be a shower.

-Our 7 yr old daughters bathroom... I'm not sure what he did there, but one of those closet looking areas is supposed to be her shower. So she'll have a separate shower and bath tub.

This is approximately 4500-4700 sq feet. I really was hoping to get to 4k sq foot home but that's proven a tougher task than I originally thought...!?!

Thanks in advance for any feedback! Really appreciate it

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