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When do you tear out newly installed tile?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Is this a situation where you'd stop work to tear out the tile and start over?

Here's the problem, as I see it. We wanted a running bond pattern in our bath, with one color on the bottom, then a thin strip of trim tile at a set height, then a lighter color up to the window and ceiling. What we have is a stagger of about 40%. I thought I could live with that, but now there's a bigger problem. On one wall (the one with a window, shown here) the stagger changes and there are several different offsets:

It looks like the tiler wanted to have some rows of tile centered around the window but also have some rows match the lower section. To my eye, it looks haphazard. (Note that the tiles immediately around the window are correct and look great - it's the layout of each row of 6" tiles below and to the side of the window that are the problems.)

DH is the point-of-contact on this job, and I insisted he stop work and meet with the tiler to discuss what to do. (We will likely hire someone else to tear out and re-do). I'm pretty sure we need to tear out at least the beige tiles shown. But then I wonder: if we tear out some of the tiles, do we then tear out ALL of them to get a proper 50% running bond?

For comparison, here is a photo from another bath with a similar layout that turned out beautifully (in my opinion):

Sorry for the low-light phone photos. Thanks for your consideration.

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