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Kentia and King Palms dying

6 years ago


I am having a hard time understanding where to go with a strip of Kentia and King palms I planted about 6-8 weeks ago. I live in Southern California. It has been very hot the last 3 weeks, heat going from 85 to even 100 a couple times.

I know very little on the topic in general but tried to follow suggestions from a guy at the palm farm. I expected some shock initially, but even the new fronds are turning brown before blossoming.

I threw down sand at the bottom of the holes and back filled with probably 60/40 native soil with a palm mix.

For the first week, I watered every day. The next week every other day. The next month I just was watering it twice a week. The past 2 weeks I've watered it 3x a week. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It doesn't seem to be helping. I have mulch around the bottom and water with a hose. I can't say how much I actually water, but I go down the line of all 5 trees and let it pool a bit then go to the next Tree. I then work my way back each Tree doing the same thing. 24 hours later, I can still see the surface is a bit damp but the water has drained. Come ready for the next watering, the top is dry again.

Too much? Not enough? Any suggestions? I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you very much.

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