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Joing butcher block counter slabs to make wide island

7 years ago

I would like to put a butcher block counter on my new 42X108 island. I have been looking at all sorts of different companies, wood species etc. Some use full length strips, others are finger joints.There is a place in Ohio that can make me a custom size walnut slab 1.75" thick full length pieces for about $2000 shipped right to my door ready to install. BUT I am not crazy about Walnut, I think it is going to be a little dark.

I came across a local store (Floor & Decor) that carries a huge selection of different varieties that I have not seen elsewhere. I fell in love with the teak butcher block that they have... the colors are perfect in my house. But they only come in counter depth 10' long 1/2' thick pieces (at $750 each). I would have to buy 2 pieces,cut them down to length and width and join them together.

I've seen this done online with what appeared to be good results. It looks like the most common way is to use a biscuit joiner, titebond glue and clamps.

What if I were to put the butcherblock on a 1/2" plywood base, finish the edges with 1x2 teak and just use glue and clamps to put it all together? That will give the butcher block a thicker appearance and support from underneath. Can this be done without biscuits?


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