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finally got two of my seed-grown trees in the ground!!!

7 years ago

Finally got these two planted in the ground!

Schuette's Oak:

This is on a hillside in the backyard. Decent (for this area) silty clay loam soil. Worried about that soft growth still on the's October 3 after all!


Growth has finally set terminal buds (timed the same as last year). The soil here is far worse, less organic matter and more clay. My guess is this area was "graded" when the house was built, and I'm dealing with mostly subsoil. However, 4 feet to one side the soil is far better, between being down the hillside (off where it was graded) and a rotted stump there (very soft soil over a pretty large area where a very large stump once was (my guess is at least 4' diameter).

I had to stake this - the 3" of rain between Wednesday and Saturday turned the planting hole into clay soup and the tree fell over like it was on a ball joint.

Hopefully it roots in enough by spring that I can remove the stakes.

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