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Your plans for roses in ground and pots: soil prep & fertilizing?

strawchicago z5
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Above is Sonia Rykiel, early spring 2013. The decline in health came from my testing monopotassium phosphate, low-salt NPK 0-52-34, extremely high in SOLUBLE phosphorus. That stuff is great for loamy potting soil, but doesn't work with clay, high phosphorus crystallizes clay, making it more compact.

I also tested those Jobes' tomato spikes NPK 6-18-6, totally useless in clay. gave a different ratio for flowers in pots: "Fertilizers used on flowers should contain low levels of nitrogen relative to phosphorus and potassium. A 5-10-10 formula (5 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphorus, 10 percent potassium) is ideal. Calcium may be in short supply in acid soils."

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Different soils have different nutrients requirements. Different root-stocks, different own-root roses (cluster-root, ropy, stringy or chunky stick) also have different needs.

What are your best fertilizing results, and soil-prep for particular own-root rose, or particular rootstock, for a particular soil (pH level & clay, loamy, or sand) ?

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