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Need a new sofa and I'm overwhelmed.

Navy Momma
7 years ago

I am looking to replace a 16(!) year old Rowe sofa. The sofa itself is still in great structural condition. It's a sleeper but I am replacing with a non sleeper. We had some damage to the fabric (bleach got on one of the attached back cushions) otherwise we would not need to replace. I've been very happy with the Rowe sofa, and so the easiest thing seems to be to replace it with another Rowe. I'm planning to get a more updated style (track arms vs round to offer more seating for the same size) and this time want loose back cushions for ease of washing and flipping them. I've also found some sofas we've liked at room and board, and on wayfair through their custom upholstery program or dwell studio line (which appears to be made by klaussner). I have also looked at interior define online manufacturer. I don't need top of the line. This is for a family room and I do have elementary aged children but the Rowe has held up just fine over the past many years of kids, 8 moves, etc and still going strong. I would like to stay around $2000 for the sofa and also plan to get a matching or coordinating chair.

i haven't been able to sit on all the different sofas I am looking at- even the Rowe dealers I've been to don't have every model on the floor. From sitting in a bunch of sofas I've gotten an idea of the things important to me such as depth (looking for 23-24" seat depth).

the benefit of a place like interior define is that I can return no questions asked within 14 days of receiving the couch if I don't like it.

There are just so many options, I'm feeling overwhelmed and indecisive!

Any input?

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