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What conifers would you plant here?

6 years ago

Hello all!!! I've been busy Building gardens this summer. I haven't posted much but I've surely been reading all of your posts ;) I'd like to show you what we have created and ask for your opinions, and suggestions. I know it's "a lot of rock" not to everyone's taste...(but that cannot be changed lol). I am hoping to soften it with a weeping tree or two, crawling perrenials and the sort. The big question is what would you plant lovers plant here? I am zone 7-8 (Fraser valley of Vancouver bc---which means it's debatable lol) the site is on my west fence, north side of my house. My property is one rectangular acre. I've got a few shrubs which we've dug from here and there on the property and plenty of holes to fill with conifers!!!!

I can post more close ups tomorrow should anyone request :) thanks in advance for all input! Cheers!

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