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Need advice: folding bats and clay pot v plastic pot

7 years ago

Since March, I've collected quite a few Sans. They do well in my climate, but the majority of my bats fold over like a taco. I started watering more (thinking they were dry) and I ended up rotting a small leopard bat that now has roots again. My large bats don't fold over like the smaller/medium ones. What causes the folding in my bats?

Clay pots v plastic pots. I learned from here that heavy waterers should use clay, as it dries faster than plastic. As some plants have outgrown 10 inch clay, I've moved up to plastic. They seem to take forever to dry out, even though I'm using the same 50/50 perlite mixture and water less. I have had to unpot and repot in dry mix. What am I doing wrong?

I find myself moving those in larger plastic pots twice a day to benefit from the sun, hoping to dry them out. I can't rot my babies, so please help me out with this plastic situation. And I do water less...they just don't seem to dry out.

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