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Open burner shutter adjustment - what to look for?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I have a Capital culinarian rangetop. When I tried to follow their OPEN BURNER FLAME
ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE to adjust the air shutter, I noticed the flame is not that
much different at a wide range of air shutter position, especially on the
simmer burner, while meeting the requirement of no yellow/lifting flame and quick
ignition (ignition on the simmer is not that quick though probably because of
the offset mentioned above as well as the lower gas flow). I wondering if
the optimal air shutter position is kinda like a point or a range? What
else to look for on the flame except those mentioned in the procedure?

For example, I also looked at
the inner cone of the flame. But I am not sure how sharp of the inner cone of the
flame should be. I understand it becomes pretty sharp when the shutter is
wide open and blurry when it is almost closed. However, for a quite wide
range, the flame or the inner cone stays pretty much the same. Are there
some characteristics of an optimal flame to look for, so to speak, to determine
the best shutter opening position?


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