aunt's outfit for the wedding


this weekend we are going to our nephew's wedding, it will be at 3 pm in northern alabama (a 16 hour drive from here) i recently lost 40 plus pounds and most of my clothes are pretty big, however i discovered last week that the outfit i wore to my daughter's wedding 15 years ago now fits me again and is still stylish enough to wear so i took it to the cleaners and then called a sil and mentioned that i was planning to wear that she happened to remember that the outfit is purple and she thanks that is on of the wedding colors should i drop this outfit and go shopping for something else to wear, wear it and play ignorant

thank you for your opinions

by the way i've never spoken to the bride and haven't seen the groom in 5 or 6 years...

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If the dress is 15 years old, I think you can treat yourself and buy something new. The purple color is fine. I'm sure the Bride and Groom aren't that picky as to dictate what colors their guests can wear. But 15 years is pretty old for a dress. Time for something new.

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I'm not so sure. If it has classic lines and you think it can still appear current, I see nothing wrong with wearing it.

Also, the chances of your purple being the same color purple as the bridal is probably slim.

I also agree with Nancy. Getting dressed up for an occasion is fun. Congratulations on your weight loss! If you don't mind shopping, getting a new dress can be fun.

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The wedding is this weekend, and shopping at last minute is terribly stressful. Wear your dress that fits and looks good, and have a great time. Doubtful that the 'purple' will match at all. Just enjoy yourself.

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I agree with the others. It's perfectly fine to wear this dress. Just decide the same as if it weren't purple or you didn't know anything about the wedding. Do you love it and want to wear it? Or would you rather get something new?

There's always at least one person wearing the same color as the attendants (unless I guess they are wearing white, and sometimes even then!), and it doesn't make the slightest difference. As long as you don't look like you are going to (a) your own wedding, (b) a funeral, (c) the gym, or (d) somewhere to pick up sailors, you're fine!

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