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Logan Lab Results for 2016

Adam R
6 years ago

Doing a full reno on the front lawn and over-seeding the back. TTTF cultivars chosen from the NTEP results. The front lawn is currently dead, with hints of Bermuda showing a stand after 2 bouts with glyphosate, a 3rd coming tomorrow to hopefully finish it off. Hoping to have seed down by the end of the month. Current temps are still a litter warm, mid 90's, for seeding so I don't feel too far behind. Soil temp recommendations are 50-65 and I'm still in the 70's. Logan lab results are going to be posted below. Please advise on what I need to do, amendment wise, or reno wise in the next week/month/year... etc.

I'll answer any other questions you have. Just not sure how much info you need from me.

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