Seriously, what is your set up for your incoming trees for winter?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Please, I think it's a GREAT idea if we share our set up and what we plan to do with our trees..I think it would be a great idea to chronicle them they go through winter and what each one of us will do to prevent shock, and pests....

What do you plan to do...? At what point do you plan to bring them in?

Can you take pics of your holding and growing areas for your trees? How much light or sun? How well they do? How much growth you get? Do you keep all the leaves? Will anyone here do a re pot before bringing them in? Will anyone treat for pest issues, even if they don't see any? Do you have your soil mixes in line for winter? What kind of soil mix?

Give us as much detail as possible about how you treat your trees all winter and their winter set up.

Take as many pics as possible...Take pics of your set up or rooms where they will go before they come in...What space have you set aside?

This can be and I HOPE one of the best helpful threads out here, to help each other get idea for winter and what your plans are, and your success...

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