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Need Help with Removing Paint from a Wall

6 years ago


I am attempting to re-paint an old bedroom that is currently a bold shade of blue. As the new color(s) for the walls will be lighter, I realize that I need to remove the old paint. There is currently a carpenter at my house who has an industrial sander vacuum that he is allowing me to use for the time being. I am using 60 grit sand paper.

In my first attempt at removing the paint, it is not coming off completely, but rather in splotches. Is this normal? Not only is the current shade of blue being removed, but I notice that the other lighter shade of blue that is under it is also being removed as well as the orange peel texture. Again, I've painted rooms before but in terms of sanding (whether manual or mechanical), I do not know what to expect.

Attached is a picture. The top left is where I had gone over with the sander revealing the drywall underneath. The rest of the wall is the shade of blue I am trying to remove.

If I keep going with the sander, does this mean I will have to re-texture the wall? I've never done that before. Am I making this too complicated? Should I just be using a sponge and water instead?

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