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Small master bathroom and closet design challenge, please help!

7 years ago

We are going to do a remodel to the current master bathroom and closet before we move into this house we will call our home. After removing the dividing walls, I think the approximate size of the room is 10' by 10'. It needs to host both master room and a walk in closet, and connects to right side, which is the master bedroom.

I am debating with two designs and hope you can shed some light on it.

Design 1 will basically divide into two narrow room. The walk in closet will be quite deep as well, but not as wide. The bathroom will be narrow

Design 2 will borrow some space from the walk in closet and use as shower. The bathroom will be bigger. And I think it's worthwhile to have bigger bathroom than bigger closet. But I am not sure the location of the toilet and vanity.

Could you share some of your thoughts? Thank you very much in advance!

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