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Having HUGE sucess spreading bermuda with this method

Randy Man
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi Guys. Wanted to share with yall my bermuda spreading method.I am having HUGE SUCCESS doing it this way.

Ive got a huge mulching bed that borders my bermuda grass.I edge this bed but bermuda still growns in it.Well the last 2 years ive started getting on my knees(thats the hard part to my method) and pulling these bermuda sprouts and then taking them and digging a hole in areas of my yard that I want it to grow.I then take these bermuda sprouts I pulled and throw them in the hole and cover them up and water them in.The hole doesnt need to be deep.I use a hand hole/cultivator..Doing this has
allowed me to spread bermuda all through my yard .Theres times when I do this that after a week after I transplant that some of the bermuda sprouts will turn brown like they are gonna die, but then a week later they have new growth and take off lol.I would guess my success rate at doing this is like 97% or higher.I rarely have any sprouts that die.I always mulch the area I am
pulling these sprouts from so the soil is very rich and the bermuda LOVES
IT!!.The rhizomes just stick to the mulch and take off, plus its easy to pull the bermuda sprouts up since the mulch is lose and the ground is rich. Its pain in the butt to do it like I do it but the results have been pretty good.At
the rate I am going I figure I will have my yard(front and back) 100 %
bermuda in 2 years from now.Pallets of bermuda sod ranges from $300-$500
in my area So I am saving ALOT of money and the yard is starting to
look like a first class golf course :)..I am in georgia so we have had a bad drought this summer.I have no irrigation system but been watering alot by pulling a water hose around.But the bermuda is still looking good..I also raise my bladw up pretty high as it gets hotter.My shoe disapperars almost when I walk in it.So I keep mine probably higher than the average person.I noticed alot of people keeps mowing thiers low and thier bermuda yard looks rough.In this heat i am learning if you cut it to low where it browns that it takes awhile for it come back cause of the heat and drought.I try not to make that mistake.

Like I said the only downside to my method is you have to get low ,which requires getting on your knees for long periods of times and it can be time consuming.

Another tip is to lightly mulch the area you transplanted with hard wood mulch.If golf courses knew what I did they wouldnt be using sand ,they would be using mulch to fill there bad areas! Bermuda loves mulch and mulch holds moisture for a long time.

I LOVE bermuda!!! It looks so nice and neat looking,Even when it goes dormant it looks so golden looking(almost shines for the first month in dormancy).Less work for me and my mower too.I look back at all those years I use to call crab grass my lawn.That stuff will kill you and your mower.I am addicted to walking barefooted on my bermuda.It feels better than carpet lol

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