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Update on my question about boosting my dishwasher's drying ability

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I completely changed my ways - well, sort of. I bought some Cascade powder and I added Finish rinse aid to the rinse aid compartment. I just did my first load with the powder and the rinse aid. All other things were the same: same cycle, and I opened the dishwasher as soon as it was done (or very shortly thereafter), like I always do.

What an enormous difference!!!!

Huge. SO much cleaner AND dryer! Even the plastic lid to one of my glass food-storage containers was dry!

And I've tossed the alleged dishwasher-damaging gel detergent.

Happy, happy, happy!

ETA: I also put the Cascade powder in a glass jar with a tight lid, as I read is recommended since when it gets damp, it completely loses its cleaning ability.

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