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Opinions on Lasting Love Hybrid Tea Rose

Sara-Ann Z6B OK
6 years ago

Last night I was looking on Heirloom's website and for some reason a red hybrid tea caught my eye and I read the description, it said this rose is very fragrant, that got my attention. Lasting Love is the rose I'm inquiring about. Looks like it's been around awhile, and I've seen it before, previously it hadn't appealed to me that much though.

I know disease resistant red roses aren't that plentiful, but I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on how good a rose it is? How does it fare in all the things we look for in a good hybrid tea?

Seems like really good, fragrant red roses have eluded me, although I do think Firefighter is improving.

I have or have had several reds that I love, most don't have the fragrance I like for a red rose to have though.

Opinions about any other red fragrant roses are welcome too.

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