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5 years ago
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Hi! Our kitchen is 5 years old and in 5 years we had 5 kids and we have a lot of parties and gatherings and would like to be able to seat 6 people at the kitchen island. We also want a built in counter depth fridge and freezer. I'd like ideas on how to accomplish what we want, given the space we have. We just took down an arched wall between the kitchen and family room and as you can see from the photos have a large open space that we can work with to add the seating.

some of my ideas include

1. making the current island smaller and adding a 2nd semi-circle island.

2. making the island thinner and longer and moving the pantry door over to fit the double ovens there instead.

3. ripping out the cabinets on the window side, putting the fridge in the left corner, the ovens where the current pantry door is and making the island wider.

4. something I haven't thought of...

We plan on painting our cabinets white and doing white ice granite with maybe a gray island or something after we figure out changing the layout.

The dimensions on the blueprint are not accurate. Here are the accurate measurements. Window wall 131" with a 37" aisle. Stove side 173" with 40" aisle. Fridge side is 171" with 41.5 aisle from ovens but 31.5 from fridge (not including the handles).

Some things I don't like about the kitchen: fridge takes up so much aisle space. If the oven is open and someone opens the fridge the door hits it. The island doesn't seat 6 people. The random lonely corner cabinet next to the pantry door. I also don't like the light fixtures!

On a side note, our dining room is empty because when we had a table in there nobody used it so I don't know what to do to make it inviting from the kitchen side. You can see it from the front door as well. Maybe you have some suggestions for that as well.

I am in the process of hiring a professional but would like thoughts and ideas before I meet with them.

We are also redecorating our family room and ordered cream sofas and such with chrome accents.

Dining room below

Hopefully you have some ideas!


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