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Initial Chipping on Marble Countertop Installation

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago


I am having my bathroom remodeled and am putting in new marble countertops. The initial countertops installed had chipping in front of both sinks. One sink had multiple chippings. The chippings were filled with filler, but to me, it looks like an eye sore, since it's not an exact color match. My contractor says marble is soft and that's the way all new marble countertops come out. There's nothing that can prevent chipping, he claims. He did call his fabricator and the fabricator came to change out the filler from white to clear. The clear filler eventually turned to a clouded color, so it didn't look any better than before. I showed some people at work some photos and they say I should ask him to fix that.

Does anybody have any similar experiences?

My thoughts are that if I'm paying for a brand new countertop, it shouldn'the be chipped like that.


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