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Anyone ever heard of montly periods starting up 16 mos. after Meno?

Lynn Nevins
6 years ago

I thought my 'last period' would go down in history as being in April of 2015. However last month, 16 months after my 'last period', I got a full on period with my usual cramps on the first 1.5 days and then flow for about 5 days. Now, about a month later, it seems I am getting another 'normal period', complete with mild cramps. I am now on Day 2.

I've heard of 'spotting' after menopause (which can sometimes be nothing and sometimes mean 'something') but has anyone ever heard of getting actual 'periods' that behave and endure just like one of your typical periods from the past, and where at least for the past two months, even the spacing between them is like a typical period? I now have to wonder if my periods are 'resuming', and how long this might last, and if this means I may go through a whole 'nother hormonal craze when they decide to stop again?

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