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Lawn fungus/mushroom--What is it? How do I get rid of it?

7 years ago

I'll start with a confession. I have an irrational dislike and fear of mushrooms and fungus. I can't explain it. Don't ask.

I just bought a new house, and discovered a large (say, 1-foot wide) fungus or mushroom "thing" in a shady area near an evergreen tree.

I want to know what it is...and how to get rid of it...permanently. I don't want any falling spores or pieces to spread it. I want it out, gone, and exterminated forever. For all I know it's communicating with it's mother ship.

Can I dump something on it to get rid of it? Or dig it out? What method will lead to the complete eradication of this thing and anything related to it?

Here's a picture. Can anyone help?

Both i and my psychiatrist thank you.

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