Need New Lamp and Fan for Master Bedroom

5 years ago

I would like to get this lamp LINK for our dresser in our bedroom. Do you think it will look OK? I was hoping the light color would break up all the dark colors. My dh and I were at a store buying a new table and chairs when we saw this lamp. We both really, really liked it, and he doesn't usually like this shape of lamp (he thinks they are too 70's, eye roll & smh). We also could use a more attractive ceiling fan if anyone has any suggestions. We love having the ceiling fan and don't want to replace it with a chandelier or light fixture (even though I am sure that would look a lot nicer!). We do have recessed lighting in the room so a light on the fan isn't 100% necessary but I do use the fan light occasionally as it really adds a lot of light when on.

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