New Construction / Lutron RadioRa2 / Lighting suggestions needed

5 years ago

Hello, we are having our home built by CalAtlantic homes and we have our low/high voltage meeting this weekend. I would like to be well prepared for the meeting and have a solid pre-wiring plan.

I intend to have a decent amount of home automation done ie controlling some lights, alarms, thermostat, garage, front door lock etc. After a lot of research on this forum and elsewhere, Ive decided to go with the Lutron Radiora2.

Why? 1) Very reliable, they've been in the business for many years 2) Decent integration with some 3rd parties and 3) HomeKit compatible, so I can contol the loads via siri/ipad/apple tv etc.

I havent fully understood whats needed for setting up a radiora2 system. Heres what I know

1) I need a repeater that has a 30' range in each direction. I need to hook this up to my network via ethernet (so I can control using homekit)

2) I need dimmers and other wireless switches that will be controlled by the repeater . Each load (or set of loads) would need to be controlled by a switch. Below Ive tried to show the basic lighting loads . Each of the loads with the same color will be controlled by one switch.

What I don’t know

  1. How do I get it prewired. I can ask the electrical company to prefer it the way I want (with some additional cost of course ). Do I ask them to just give me separate switches for each of the color coded groups and then I could have them replaced with Lutron switches?
  2. Do I need to prewire for data cables, to control those lights?
  3. Do I need to wire for dimmers as well cause Im definitely going to add Lutron dimmers for those light groups.

Also any kind of feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Ive just started reading up on home automation and my home might get completed around April 2017. I’ve also registered for the online Lutron courses so that will give me some more details.

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