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my rambling rose!

7 years ago

We moved here 2 yrs ago, to a garden that was just lawn and a few evergreen fir trees and a large hedge of Leylandii,we decided to dig up the evergreen fir trees from the lawn and make some flower borders, and we did, we love roses and our favorite is a rambling rose from David Austin, called Alexandre Girault, we had one in our old garden in Wales and it was spectacular!! so we bought one for this garden, it has been in just over 2 yrs and it has not had any flowers on it yet, and now it's leaves are starting to go a crispy brown curl up and drop off, and it is not on it's own, we also bought a Hawthorn tree called Crimson Clouds, which we also had in our old garden and it to put on a show to die for !!!! but not these!!! we are so disappointed, the rose has grown and covered the side and roof of a garden shed, but it doesn't look healthy at all, and the Hawthorn has the same trouble with the leaves turning brown and crispy and then dropping off!! any ideas please, and what can we do for them??