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Questions about first year icebergs

mary (9b Bay Area CA)
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi everyone,

This is my first attempt with roses. I went a little crazy last fall and bought around 25, mostly old garden roses plus icebergs and a few shrubs. All my babies are doing better than expected, but I'm unsure about a few things.

I planted four icebergs in different locations- two in full sun, one in mostly sun (a bit of shade from surrounding plants), and the fourth in a shady spot which gets a blast of afternoon sun for three hours each day. All four are vigorous and leafy, but the two with less sun are by far the happiest. The two full sun plants have yellow/light green foliage whereas the other two have a much darker green. All were planted in big holes with plenty of amendments and receive regular watering. Drainage has been fine. I thought it might be a nitrogen issue, but I gave one of the yellow leafed roses manure and it hasn't made a difference. I'm confused since I see lots of icebergs around which are happy in full sun. Another issue relates to thorns: I got some advice on these forums about avoiding super thorny icebergs (as these might be the climbing rather than bush sport). None of the four started out thorny, but three of the icebergs now have really big thorns at the base and are throwing out long, thorny canes. The mostly shade iceberg has no thorns at all and is growing in a nice bushy shape. I can make space for climbers, but need to know what I'm dealing with!

Lastly, a general question about canes. A few of my other young roses have sent out single long (3-4') canes: Robin Hood, Mutabilis, and La Marne. Is this normal for a non climbing rose? Should I prune the canes back?

Thanks for any advice!


ETA, I'm in Oakland, CA and our summer has been sunny and cool. Temps in the high 60s-low 70s most days.

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