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And 2017, in the Tomato Patch

digit (ID/WA, border)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

What are you thinking about growing ... NEW ... in 2017?

It's never too early to plan. Tomatofest inspires me.

Fruit Punch, pink cherry: "Super fruity sweet. Surprisingly crack resistant, even in heavy rains, considering the delicate thin skin. This tomato will give you pleasure." LINK

I grew Rose Quartz several years ago. Cracks! Splits! Pretty good flavor but you couldn't get the ripe fruit wet.

And then, there's Plum Lemon LINK. Since, I am hoping it doesn't taste like a lemon (with it's "mild sweet flavor. Perfect tomato for salads ...") I would use the alternative name: Wonderlight!


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