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Starting Over; Curb Appeal Help Needed

6 years ago

We purchased our new construction home 5 years ago in central Massachusetts zone 5 and would like to remove the builder provided shrubs and start over to create more curb appeal. The house faces north with the sun rising in the back left side and setting in the front right side of the home. The shade provided from the house shades the area from morning sun. The photos I have attached were taken at 5 pm yesterday (August 26, 2016).

The plants on the left side of the house are (from left to right ) a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, a Rhododendron, an Endless Summer Hydrangea, and a Boxwood. The same plants are on the right side with the addition of a Sand Cherry.

If any of the plants could be used that would be great; if not we'll find a home for them somewhere.

Thank You

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