I just realized that I don't know what I'm doing afterall

5 years ago

I may have gotten a little ahead of myself. There was a small hosta that I discovered this year and I finally decided to give him a better spot.



(8/24/2016, today)

As I was digging I realized the two parts weren't even connected. Now I'm kind of confused. Are these two separate plants now?
Should I have put them into different pots?

Also, I have no idea what the hosta was supposed to be. My plan was to let it grow until it was identifiable but it struggled in its former growing location. Is it reasonable to just put him (or him and his brother) into containers on my porch for a while?

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  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱
    5 years ago

    They look the same and likely self seeded from a nearby hosta. Put them back in the ground (but not too deep), mulch around but not on top of them and forget about them until next year. Put a unique rock nearby so you remember they are there next spring.


  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    5 years ago

    They look the same and likely self seeded from a nearby hosta.

    ==>>> junko probably didnt mean what he said.. since independent seedlings are not the same ...

    and i dont know how you verify they are pieces of some old whole.. or two different seeds ...

    did you dig out some other named hosta?? .. if not.. then its an un named seedling... may end up being a nice hosta ... but dont go asking for an ID ...

    if a hosta dry or crown rots ... and the crown rots away.. frequently ... you will have have a bunch of small plants.. all from the momma.. that look just like this ... but when you dig it.. you would have seen the old rotted crown .. so you could assume they are all the same ...


  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱
    5 years ago

    Perhaps a more clear phraseology for me would have been, "They look like seedlings from the same plant." But, as Ken says, they could be a number of things.


  • Allison
    Original Author
    5 years ago

    A handful of hostas were planted in about 2012 and I assume the bigger one is one of those. I can't plant them yet though. I can still keep them on my porch in a container though right?

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada
    5 years ago

    Yes you can put them in a container on your porch. I assume that you are using garden soil in the container? If want to keep the hostas in a container longer and then overwinter them in the same container, then you should use potting media which is different than garden soil. Also the pot should just be big enough to contain the roots because too much media will mean that the container will remain wet for longer periods and that means root rot will begin.

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