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What Defines the Southern Garden?

6 years ago

Hello, everyone. I garden in zone 7b, in a suburban area near Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay.
My mother's family is from Northern Florida / Southern Alabama. When I visit them, I notice the differences between the landscapes of the deep south vs. the mid Atlantic. But I am having a hard time quantifying that difference. It goes beyond the palms and the Spanish moss - I'm talking about the subtle differences that only perceptive gardeners and plant lovers notice. There is a wonderful lushness that I can't put my finger on. If you had to put it into words, how would you define what makes a garden look and feel southern? Plants, hardscapes, etc.
I'm trying to (within reason) mimic the feel of the southern gardens and homes I love.
FYI: I can grow a decent amount of stuff I see growing in the south: podocarpus and loropetalum are pushing the limits but will survive my winters. We have extremely humid and hot summers. Rain varies - this year we got torrents of it.
Thanks everyone!!

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